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We started in July 2015 out of our kids’ daycare in Laurel MD with only one thing in mind: introduce our kids to coding and prepare them for the opportunities and careers of tomorrow in the world of technology. This was initially a friends’ and family affair and based on the feedback and results of this first summer experience, we realized that this was a need in our community and decided to continue running it and slowly but surely we’ve evolved over the years.

Three and a half years later, we are a 501(c)3 operating out of Laurel Library’s computer labs in weekly two-hour sessions. We’ve introduced 200 kids to coding over the lifetime of our program and in accordance with our beliefs, KidKoders coding classes are and will always remain a FREE program for our community.  Through KidKoders, we strive to help kids:

  • Learn the basics of coding through block programming and an individual curriculum where kids progress at their own pace
  • Understand the various careers available through technology by inviting industry professionals to our classes to talk about their profession in kids friendly terms.

It is important for us to make it as accessible as possible and the way we see it, money should not be a factor in deciding who has access to the opportunities afforded by technology literacy.

We are parents of young kids ourselves, and we run this program on a completely voluntary basis, with help from our friends and family. We do not receive any kind of stipend or grant from any state or private entity at this point. Over the years though, we are very grateful to have received private donations from parents, friends and colleagues who believe in our mission and wanted to help.

In 2019, we’re hoping to be able to scale and increase the type of learning opportunities we offer and we’re counting on you to help us reach that goal. We want to add robotics to our FREE coding offerings and need your help acquiring the necessary equipment as listed below.

Item Unit Cost Units Total
Kano Computer Kit Touch 279 10 2790
Wonder Workshop Dash 149 5 745
Rokit Smart RoboLink 97.5 5 487.5
Apple iPad (32GB) 269 10 2690

For a total of $6712.50.

Acquiring this equipment will also allow us to be more mobile and be able to offer coding and robotics workshops.

We’re counting on your generosity to help us reach our goal especially if you’re a parent of one of our previous kid koders and were able to appreciate what we bring to the kids for yourself. Our next session will start in February 2019 and we hope to have the funds available to make robotics part of our offerings.

Thank you in advance from us and from all of our Kid Koders,

To a bigger and better 2019!

We’re an officially registered 501(c)3 so your donation is of course tax deductible.

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